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At Frost we provide a wide range of services in all things related to refrigeration systems, cooling and freezing. Whether it is designing solutions and consulting, fault diagnostics, repair and maintenance or installations of new systems both on land and at sea.

With offices in Akureyri, Garðabær and Selfoss, and service staff in each location, we are ready to provide service throughout the country as well as at sea on short notice.


Routine maintenance and equipment inspection is key to ensuring the safe operation of refrigeration systems. Frost has service agreements with a number of customers where work is done according to a preventive maintenance system.

We are also always there, whether it is to provide advice on maintenance and refrigeration systems to supervisor, or to provide experienced personnel for machine repairs or for major maintenance work.

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Designing Solutions

Frost employs well-educated technicians with a history of more than 30 years of experience in designing solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers at any given time.

The value of quality design is of the greatest importance as it ensures that the system delivers what is expected and can often yield significant savings in the purchasing of equipment and system installation.

All of Frost’s designs are made to withstand requirements and classifications of applicable parties all over the world. A part of the design process is the creation of documents and schematics for approval processes.



For decades, Frost has provided service for the Icelandic seafood and food industry. We are accustomed to serving customers with high demands whose production must run smoothly at all times.

Frost Employs a group of experienced service staff, who are ready to travel to your location on short notice all over the world.


Motor Alignment

Frost performs alignment measurements and subsequent hardware adjustments. For such measurements, Frost makes use of specialized electronic alignment equipment from the German company DB Pruftechnik. The equipment consists of laser measuring device, a data collection device powerful analytics software that graphically shows what corrective measures need to be taken.

The equipment delivers fast and safe results. Most machine manufacturers recommend that the connection between the motor and the compressor be measured once per year.

By following these instructions, the service life of bearings, oil seals and connectors can be significantly extended, thereby reducing operating costs and avoiding unexpected failures.

For further information, please contact:

Bragi H. Kristinsson, Service Manager in Akureyri

Tel:  464 9400
Mobile:  894 4726

Charles Ó. Magnússon, Service Manager in Gardabær (Reykjavík area)

Tel:  464 9450
Mobile:  897 8941


Shift Service

Frost has provided shift service to a number of our customers for many years. We monitor equipment 24 hours a day. We can do this remotely by connecting our customer’s coolers or freezers to Frost’s computer system.

Our system then monitors and records all the main operational data of the relevant equipment and devices. If the temperature or other values go beyond the normal ranges, a message is delivered to the customer, who can then respond and resolve the issue.


Shift phone in Akureyri is: 464 9490 and in Reykjavik 897 8920


For further information, please contact:

Charles Ó. Magnússon, Service Manager in Gardabær (Reykjavik area)

Tel: 464 9450
Mobile: 897 8941

Bragi H. Kristinsson, Service Manager in Akureyri.

Tel: 464 9430
Mobile: 894 4726


Dairy Industry

Frost provides a range of  products and solutions for the dairy industry. Most dairy farmers recognize the Mueller brand of dairy tanks. They are often seen as the staple of the dairy industry and they are built to last.

Originally built in the USA, the Mueller tanks have been manufactured in the Netherlands for many years. At Frost we offer both the round shaped tanks, and the oval shaped tanks for operations where height is an issue.
The Mueller tanks come with the MIII control system allowing for them to be used both with automated and conventional milking methods.

Mueller tanks have an inbuilt "MilkGuard" registration and warning system which catalogs temerature measurements and delivers errors and warning via text message.

Contact us for a custom Dairy Solution.


Contractor Service

With an average of 50 certified welders as well as a number of strong partners, Frost is well-positioned to undertake both large and small contracting projects. It has always been our ambition to deliver work on time. If we look back, in most cases we have been successful, although there is always room for improvement.

A list of projects Frost has worked on in recent years is available here.



Frost carries a wide range of refrigerants on stock and can provide great pricing for bulk orders.

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