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Here at Frost we make sure that our operations do not threaten the health and safety of our employees. We take measured steps to reduce our operation's impact on both our internal and external environment. Frost is aware of its external environs and makes certain to ensure a healthy and safe working environment and protect its employees, equipment and valuables against accidents and damage.

Our function and operation follows all current and applicable laws and regulations.

Negative environmental impacts stemming from our operations are kept at a minimum by:

  • Focusing on better utilization of natural resources, less waste of resources and increasing reuse and recycling.

  • Choosing to use environmentally friendly products and services.

  • Ensuring that all of Frost's employees are knowledgable and operate according to the environmental and safety policies and goals of the company.

Frost encourages employees to:

  • Optimize when traveling on behalf of the company with these goals in mind.

  • To choose environmentally friendly commutes to and from work, which Frost supports.

At Frost we emphasize a safe and wholesome work environment for our employees.


Our values and policies for safety-, health- and environmental issues shall always be held at the forefront of discussions concerning the operations of our company. The emphasis and goals of such issues shall have the same weight as other main goals of the company for decision making, such as financial and operational goals.


Preventative measures of the company aim to actualize our goals of zero accidends and at the same time to minimize the effects of our operation on the internal and external environment. Management on all levels are responsible for enforcing and supporting the safety-, health- and environmental policies of the company at all times. Management is entrusted to increase general awareness of safety issues amongst employees by education and affirmation. Management shall work closely with their employees to settle and solve issues.


All employees at Frost, as well as the employees of our subcontractors and guests must follow our safety regulations and ensure their own safety as well as others while operating or staying within Frost's work area at any given time. Personal responsibility must always be maintained.


Issues of safety are conducted by Frost's safety director. In addition, a safety committee is in place, which constitutes a security guard appointed by the directors of the company as well as a safety confidant elected by the employees of the company.

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