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This quality policy describes the emphasis of Frost’s Board of directors on the quality of product and service it provides and that the quality is in line with customer expectations. The board realizes that quality issues are constantly on the agenda and that problems need to be resolved. Professional work methods are the key to success and therefore this quality policy is set. The implementation and execution of the policy is important to reassure Frost's employees and customers about the emphasis in matters of quality. Frost’s board of directors has approved this policy and supports its implementation.
This policy applies to all those who work for Frost. The aforementioned parties are responsible for the implementation of this policy.
This policy is reviewed annually and more frequently if necessary to ensure that it is in line with the objectives of Frost's operations.
It is the management's intention to develop and maintain a certified quality system according to ISO 9001 and to systematically and continuously seek opportunities to improve the company's work processes and internal working environment.


Professionalism and Ambition

It is Frost's policy that the company's operations are characterized by professionalism and ambition, are exemplary and in accordance with the laws and regulations that apply to the operations. This means that the company's tasks are carried out by employees who have the education, knowledge and experience to solve them. Frost will help maintain and strengthen the professional knowledge of employees.
Frost considers it important to provide employees with a good work environment and motivation at work, as well as to support their initiative.


Communication with Clients

Frost places great emphasis on having purposeful and interactive communication with customers to ensure that their expectations are met, that they are informed about the progress of projects and that they can express their views.

Completion of Projects

The main focus of Frost's operations is to provide buyers with efficient services and deliver cost-effective and high-quality solutions within the agreed time frame. This means that quality and efficiency in solving projects will be ensured and customers' quality requirements will be met.

Objectives and Follow-up

Every year, measurable goals are set for the operation, they are reviewed with regard to results and constantly reformed and improved. Service managers ensure that employees know the quality policy and goals and work according to them. All Frost employees are responsible for reporting discrepancies and defects in the delivery of goods and services or failure to meet customer expectations.

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