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Frost’s goals and ambition dictates that all employees shall have equal rights in their role within the company, regardless of gender, ethnicity, beliefs and age, and that all employees shall be valued and respected by their worth and on their own terms. The following items shall be used as guidance.


The goals of our equal opportunity policy is to promote the equal status of men and women and that the opportunities of the individual shall be equal, regardless of gender, origin, belief or age. In addition, the goal is to prevent a difference in salary based on gender and to promote Frost as a desirable workplace for everyone.
Frost’s executive board is responsible for elaborating on the company’s policy. The human resources manager is responsible for implementation, reformation as well as obedience to the set guidelines, as well as ensuring that management is knowledgeable of the policy and fulfills its conditions.

Wage Issues

Frost uses guidelines for decision making for salaries that ensures that everyone is paid for their work based on its value, regardless of gender.

Hirings, salaries and other benefits shall in no way be based on gender, ethnicity, political leanings or other irrelevant factors.

When a new employee is hired, the starting salary shall be decided based on the demands of the job, with relation to responsibility, workload and specialization, and thereby ensure that the work policy and salary decision is fulfilled.

An evaluation is conducted annually to measure fulfillment, where equally valued jobs are compared and checked whether a measurable difference in salary is found dependent upon gender. In addition, internal evaluations are conducted. Each year, valid rules and regulations on equal salary are re-evaluated and confirmed in accordance with law.

Frost commits to reacting to anomalies and thereby working towards maintaining its system of equal pay through constant reform and monitoring.

By enforcing a policy of equal pay, Frost ensures that both demands, and the law is enforced.



When advertising open positions, job titles shall always be gender-less. In all of Frost’s promotional material, care shall be taken not to offend or shame anyone.

Balancing Work and Private Life

In order to accommodate families, every possible work optimization should be offered.

Work Ethic and Well-Being of Employees

Frost encourages the participation of spouses and / or children in the social life of employees, when applicable. All employees have the right to be treated with respect and honesty.

Vocational Training and Retraining

Women and men should enjoy the same opportunities for continuing and re-educating as well as attending courses held to increase the individual's competence.

Gender-Based Violence, Gender-Based Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Bullying, gender-based violence, gender-based and sexual harassment will not be tolerated at Frost. All employees have the right to be treated with respect. The Executive Director, the Director of Security and the Director of Human Resources are jointly responsible for resolving such issues, should they arise.

The equality policy, like other Frost policies, is scrutinized and reviewed annually.

Approved by the Directorate of Equality 3.5.2019


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