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Goals & Scope

The primary wealth of Frost lies with its employees, their knowledge and wide range of experiences. Therefore, it is the goal of Frost to employ and hold onto and empower qualified employees by any means necessary. Frost puts great emphasis on employing qualified and interested employees with a wide range of experience and knowledge. Frost requires that its employees have at least a working knowledge in the Icelandic language and capable of making themselves understood. All our employees are our representatives towards our clients and partners and should always honor the company’s image. Employees shall be responsible to their work and show initiative towards the development of the company.

Work Environment

We put emphasis on good and positive moral within the company and that all employees show one another respect and positive behavior.

​​​​​​Equal Opportunity and Communication

Frost has an equal opportunity hiring policy regarding gender, ethnicity and religion (see Frost’s Equal Opportunity policy). We strive to meet the demands of our employees regarding their family obligations. We always seek to hire the most qualified applicant. We strive to show respect in communication between employees and management, both during formal employee dialogue as well as informal communication between staff.

Employee Development - Training

Frost grants its employees the opportunity for career development as well as re-education and continued training. Such matters are discussed during employee interviews which take place once per year. It is the responsibility of both employee and the employee’s direct supervisor to fulfill the education and training of each employee.

Reception of New Employees

The reception of new employees shall be purposeful, and it is our goal that new employees have a positive experience right from the start. Such reception shall be in accordance with Frosts work policies. A new employee shall be ‘fostered’ a superior until the employee has become ingrained into the daily life of the company. The new employee shall receive useful information about his role and duties from the first day, according to the work policies of the company.

Promoting Health

Frost cares for the health of its employees. Their well-being gives the company a positive and better employee. Yearly flue shots and health check-ups are provided by the company.

​​Clothing Policy

Employees shall always fulfill all safety regulations and demands in regard to clothing and personal safety equipment. Safety equipment other than those used daily, shall be available when an employee requires it to fulfill their task.

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