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This policy document covers all of Frost's operations. It is Frost's policy that employee communication is always characterized by courtesy, respect and helpfulness. The same applies to communication with customers and suppliers of Frost. Employees should be protected against mental and physical harassment, harassment is under no circumstances tolerated in the company's workplaces. Employee involvement in bullying is condemned.


Managers are not only responsible for the work of their employees but also for respecting the basic principles of communication in the workplace. New employees are introduced to the company's policy and response plan in bullying cases right from the start of their employment.

Bullying in the Workplace

Disputes and conflicts of interest can arise in the workplace, which can cause discomfort. It is important to resolve such issues without delay before they develop for the worse.
The company's definition of harassment and sexual harassment is based on Regulation no. 1000/2004



The company will take action against employees who bully others, e.g. by reprimand, transfer or dismissal. Serious incidents may result in legal charges after consultation with the victim. Perpetrators of bullying will be held accountable.


An employee who is exposed to or is aware of harassment or sexual harassment should first contact the CEO or quality manager of Frost or the next supervisor and report the incident. These parties shall maintain full confidentiality with the victim.
When managers become aware of bullying, they should respond according to the following response plan.


  • The victim's need for urgent support is assessed and provided immediately.

    • Emphasis should be placed on resolving the issue as soon as possible and prevent further bullying.

    • Working conditions assessed.

    • Take appropriate actions.

    • Ensure that bullying does not recur in the workplace.


The contact person then decides in consultation with the victim what will happen next. You can choose between an informal or a formal procedure.

Informal Procedure

Informal procedures involve seeking information from the victim and providing support through a confidential interview or counseling. Others in the workplace are not informed about the matter.

Formal Procedure

An objective examination of the facts of the case is made. The victim, the perpetrator and others who can provide information about the case are interviewed. It is important to look for information about timings and obtain data if any, e.g. emails, text messages, etc.
A solution will be found which may involve changes to the workplace, work methods or organization. The perpetrator will receive guidance and a warning, or will be transferred.
The case shall be followed up on and discussed with its parties after a certain period of time. Communication between the parties to the case will be monitored.
If the perpetrator does not commit to reform and continues acts of bullying or harassment, then the perpetrator will be dismissed from the company.


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