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These codes of conduct apply to all activities, employees and managers of Kælismiðinn Frost ehf. (frozen)

The rules are intended to guide employees in the performance of their daily duties with the interests of the company and its customers as a guide. The rules are also intended to maintain and strengthen the company's reputation and credibility and values:

Quality, knowledge, experience, reliability and respect.

Social Responsibility

We emphasize transparency in all decision-making regarding the company's operations.

We support and respect human rights and recognize their importance in accordance with United Nations standards, international conventions and other codes of conduct.

We strive to find solutions and provide services that comply with principles of sustainable development.

We have established procedures with the aim of encouraging increased social awareness and responsibility, and thus focus on tracking inappropriate behavior.

We respect the rule of law and recognize that compliance with laws and other legal regulations is unavoidable.

General Duties

Staff perform their duties with care and conscientiousness, regardless of their own interests or personal opinions.

Staff observe courtesy and fairness, respect honesty and fairness and work in a spirit of equality. Staff treat customers and colleagues with respect and show fairness and observe equality in their work.

Staff perform their duties with a sense of service and responsibility and do not discriminate on illegal or unreasonable grounds, such as gender, race, sexuality, origin, religious or political views, disability or social status in any other respect.

Staff work together professionally and with integrity to achieve set goals, shows respect for each other and respects the division of labor between them.

Employees refrain from engaging in anything that discredits them or undermines their reputation, or that could detract from the job or profession they work in.


Staff take care to fulfill the requirements of their work at all times. They strive to maintain their professional competence and knowledge at work and to increase it for the benefit of themselves and the business.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees avoid conflicts of interest in their work and draw attention to the issues that may cause conflicts of interest in their work. This also applies if there are changes in the staff's position that could cause such a conflict of interest.

An employee who believes that a situation may arise that may cause conflicts of interest on the part of the staff member must inform his immediate superior, for example by e-mail. In the case of the executive director report such to the board, at a board meeting.

Employees do not abuse their position for their own or others' personal interests, regardless of whether the benefit of such occurs immediately or later, including after his employment with Frost ends.

Employees report any corruption, illegal or inappropriate behavior that they may encounter in their work.

Gifts and Benefits

Staff do not accept gifts, benefits, or other allowances from customers or those who seek the company's services, except for insignificant gifts.

Employees do not accept gifts or benefits that may be considered as reimbursement for favors or special services.

Corruption and Bribery

Frost does not accept corruption and bribery in any way and fights against such in every way.

Frost competes for business on a fair basis and solely on its own merits.

All personal payments, kickbacks and bribes between Frost and/or Frost employees towards customers, suppliers or public bodies are strictly prohibited.


Employees respect the confidentiality of knowledge they receive in their work and must maintain confidentiality. This duty of confidentiality remains even after leaving employment with Frost.


Staff who have staff recruitment in their field of work take care to follow the law, the provisions of collective agreements, when selecting and hiring for jobs. It is always ensured that only factual assumptions are behind the hiring of staff, all employees have the right to receive fair and equal treatment.

All employees work according to Frost's values: Quality, knowledge, experience, reliability and respect. Harassment and bullying, including sexual harassment, are completely unacceptable within Frost. The consumption and influence of alcohol and other drugs is not permitted when working at Frost.

Communication of Ethics

These rules of conduct, as well as the other rules referred to, must be accessible to Frost's staff. These rules must be introduced to new staff when they begin their employment.

Labor and Human Rights

In line with key international standards relating to business and human rights, we respect internationally recognized human rights, including those set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

We expect our suppliers to respect internationally recognized human rights by:


  • Work on the implementation of key international standards on business and human rights, including the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

  • Do not use forced or bonded labor or any other form of modern slavery.

  • Prevent child slavery, including by ensuring that all staff are of legal age in the relevant location.

  • Provide fair remuneration and working conditions for all staff.

  • Promote humane treatment and prevent harassment and unfair treatment

  • discrimination.

  • Respect the rights of employees to legally and peacefully form or join trade unions of their choice and to enter into collective bargaining agreements.

  • Respect the privacy of staff and customers and comply with all laws when collecting, using and protecting personal information.

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