Gu­mundur H. Hannesson New Managing Director of KŠlismidjan Frost

On December 1, Gu­mundur H. Hannesson took over as Managing Director of Frost from Gunnar Larsen who has been the Managing Director for the last 15 years.

Gu­mundur H. Hannesson New Managing Director of KŠlismidjan Frost

Gu­mundur is one of the founders of Frost in 1993, but he has since 2001 managed the company's sales and technical department prior to that he worked with installation of equipment and services.
The shareholders of Frost are 19, a group of employees has majority shares in the company. Other shareholders are the investment companies Kaldbakur and KEA. Number of employees are just over 60. The company's headquarters are in Akureyri, and affiliates in Gar­abŠr and Selfoss in southern Iceland and Kolding in Denmark.

Grate opportunities ahead
"Frost's has had a steady growth from its start and I see lot of opportunities in our line of business in the coming years. Our largest market is and will be the international seafood industry, but the backbone has been the domestic market here in Iceland, with installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems in land-based plants and onboard vessels. The company's growth in recent years has mainly been in foreign markets, in sales and installation of refrigeration systems, as well as in technical advice and design. This development will continue," says Gu­mundur.
The biggest foreign markets have been in North America, Canada, Norway, the Faroe Islands, and currently we are working on large projects in Russia, both in land-based plants and in new factory trawlers.

Good time for change
Gunnar Larsen, the departing manager will work with the company for the next months and complete various projects but says he is happy with the past years.
"I decided to leave Frost after 15 good years. The company has changed a lot in this period. The turnover is almost tenfold from when I started, we have had considerable growth on foreign markets and the number of employees has grown significantly. It's been a fun time with good colleagues," said Gunnar.

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